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Regina, Day 4

Regina had the pleasure of a couple of hours with Berny Hi, the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative’s Artist-in-Residence for 2014-2015.  Filmpool is Regina and Saskatchewan’s indie, artist-run film co-op.  It was founded in 1977, and has been telling Saskatchewan stories ever since.

Beyond coordinating productions at the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, Berny focuses as a filmmaker in the development of a unique approach to storytelling involving the manipulation of multiple projected moving images on Super 8mm / 16mm celluloid through warped glass and prisms. Using this technique, he recently performed the otherworldly story of Kitty Dreams of Dying. Recent traditional screenings include Milk River, a 16mm film hand processed at the Film Retreat, andVéronique à vélo, a multi-award winning b&w 16mm film that pays homage to the French New Wave Cinema. He hosts BernyHi.ca, a blog which showcases his ongoing experimental film research, and videos featuring his feline friend with kidney failure, Kitty. Ever looking for new, fun art projects to make, he delved into a few interdisciplinary projects with fellow art cohort, Chrystene Ells. In KaleidoCycle { Globe Theatre 2012 }, they teamed up to produce a black box theatre play relating the story of Chrystene’s departure from her body through the top of her head. The adventure was explored through physical theatre, mask work, clowning, puppetry, and celluloid 16mm and Super 8mm projection performance art.

Berny is also working on the expanded cinema project The Great Saskatchewan Timeline, which will excavate our prairie land- and social-scape from time immemorial to the present.  At the 5th today, Berny gave us a tour of his new studio digs at CBC Saskatchewan, and lead us in a translocal collaboration in which we created two pieces between Berny’s studio, “The Vault,” as ground zero, and our three companion cities.  We have them spinning through the Regina city cam on the gallery wall.

Thanks Berny, a great day for #3CL!

Coventry: Day 4

Lots of people coming in and out of the project space today, including artist Michael Mayhew, who visited to discuss the relationship between cities and art practices and projects with Level 1 students.

The Lanchester gallery is becoming busy with work and activity. Lots of interesting sculptural installative objects taking over the front of the gallery. Our three screens have temporarily been displayed on a wall neighbouring the communal resource area, with which we are showing images of the project collected from social media.

space 1


The Skype session today was really fun! Berny Hi led us in a series of interactive activities, taking photos and passing images from one city to the next to edit, like a visual game of ‘Broken Telephone’.

Students from each of the cities asked requests of each other again – lots of interesting images appearing on Facebook and Twitter, many of which are being shown on our three screens. We have requested that each city acquire a Triangle (musical instrument) for a translocal performance we wish to initiate during Skype sessions next week!

Coventry Day 3

We had quite a few visitors to the space today, Jacqui Bleetman from the Disruptive Media Learning Lab came and hung out with us in the afternoon, and a group of visiting Foundation students from a Halesowen College took in all the goings on. We plied them with biscuits…

We screened the fabulous Labirint video sent to us from Gyumri and made a photo to show our immersion…
Tech problems caused some difficulties with the skype, but Christine Ramsay gave a full rich overview of her research related to the Canadian Armenian filmmaker Atom Egoyan.


So many things happen everyday that summarising is surprisingly difficult. There is an interesting ‘triangles’ theme developing as we find ways to negotiate the 3-way dialogues. Its really interesting to witness how everyone seems to be getting much more comfortable with each other, more willing to talk and do and chat and initiate. A sense of familiarity and connectivity seems to be building.

Coventry Day 2

coat_of_armsDid you see this on twitter? Our translocal place now has its own Coat of Arms thanks to Coventry University Fine Art and Illustration Level 2 student Emily Collier.

Other memorable moments in the day:
Our collective rousing rendition of the theme tune of Doctor Who recorded by “electronic music pioneer” (and Coventry born) Delia Derbyshire. You just had to be there…

Dr Imogen Racz presented a lecture on Art and the City where she touched on many salient points in regards to this project, such as the relationship of space to place. Looking around the Gallery and through all the social media dialogues and seeing our colleagues in the Skype session, it certainly looks to me as though our translocal space is growing into a place…



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