So today started off a little scattered. The mic set-up posed some challenges initially but then once that was done other tech stuff ran smoothly. The highlight of the live event was Dr Imogen Racz lecture from Coventry on Art and the City while I found very interesting and engaging. Today, also we had the beading group from FNUV that were to perform in the gallery during live hours. There event started at 10 am and once I got the DSLR camera working I was able to share there detailed work with Gyumri and Coventry. Oh and we had students from the three cities singing local hymns and songs and so Gyumri folks sang a local song while Coventry people apparently made quaking noises by blowing air through paper funnels. As for us Canadians, we sang our national anthem ‘O Canada’ over karaoke music. Later a member of the FNUV group sang the anthem in Cree. Afterwards, I filled my time in making the digital photo frames work but it seems that they are a bad choice given we are unable to play most audio-visual formats on them. Probably I will be replacing those with I-pad minis but I believe mounting them on the wall would be a risky part but lets see. Also, in the later part of day me and Christine video-taped the rotating globe to put on the web.