Lots of people coming in and out of the project space today, including artist Michael Mayhew, who visited to discuss the relationship between cities and art practices and projects with Level 1 students.

The Lanchester gallery is becoming busy with work and activity. Lots of interesting sculptural installative objects taking over the front of the gallery. Our three screens have temporarily been displayed on a wall neighbouring the communal resource area, with which we are showing images of the project collected from social media.

space 1


The Skype session today was really fun! Berny Hi led us in a series of interactive activities, taking photos and passing images from one city to the next to edit, like a visual game of ‘Broken Telephone’.

Students from each of the cities asked requests of each other again – lots of interesting images appearing on Facebook and Twitter, many of which are being shown on our three screens. We have requested that each city acquire a Triangle (musical instrument) for a translocal performance we wish to initiate during Skype sessions next week!