Paul Crepeau was our guest today in the 5th.  He is an actor, director, stage manager and performance artist with extensive experience in the theatre and independent film scenes in British Columbia and Saskatchewan.  We were treated to his zany performance piece GMO: A Fairy Tale, in which he embodies three diverse characters–a farmer, an old-age new-age hippie, and a corporate hack–to tell the tale of genetically modified organisms in and around Regina, Saskatchewan.  Over 40% of Canada’s agricultural production is based in Saskatchewan, so it has become a pressing local/translocal, national/transnational issue of great significance to our province.

Students from Megan Smith’s Art 280: Intermedia course also reported in on their GPS walk around the University of Regina campus, in which they will create a piece which spells out the university’s motto: “as one who serves.”  The “serves” is not quite complete, but once it’s ready, we’ll circulate through #3CL.  The class plans another walk next week in Regina’s downtown, where they’ll visit the area of the infamous “On to Ottawa” march, a well-known chapter in Saskatchewan’s and Canada’s labour history.

CTCH 305 students are also busy with their projects, which will come up on 3CL Facebook site over the next few days.