Today, the 5th Parallel hosted Dr. Kathleen Irwin and Ms. Cathy McComb, performing Amuse-Bouche: Recipes for Performance/Performing Recipes, in which they animated their Welsh and Scots heritage, respectively, by making favourite versions of their “national bread”: Welsh Cakes and Shortbread. ┬áKathleen contextualized her Welsh ancestry alongside the context of Regina and Saskatchewan’s Indigenous people, and the history of “bannock” in Western Canada. ┬áCathy’s story centred on her Scots grandmother, who emigrated to Saskatchewan at the turn of the last century, and taught Cathy when she was a “wee gggrrrll” to make shortbread to the sounds of her beloved opera on the radio.

Art 280 continued their GPS work on the On to Ottawa trek in downtown Regina, which we’ll see mounted on the Facebook page next week.Cathy McComb and Kathleen Irwin, Amuse-Bouche, 5th Parallel, Nov 12 2014

Cathy McComb, mixing shortbread, 5th Parallel, Nov 12 2014

Shortbread close-up, 5th Parallel, Nov 12 2014