Expanded cinema Kostyniuk #4 Nov 13 2014

Last day live, and the 5th saw its busiest day of the exhibition.  Local Regina film crew Play Creative was in to document the exhibition. The First Nations University of Canada returned to the beading table, with a huge and enthusiastic audience.  And CTCH 305 student Kolby Kostyniuk mounted a stunning expanded cinema installation using the image field of the cities we’ve all created together on facebook, which he projected against a hand-made corrugated screen enabling us to see the cities stitched together.  This piece has generated great conversation, and will certainly have legs as Kolby contemplates scaling it up in future incarnations.

Our extremely hard-working technical assistant, Saqib Noman, made sure all the technology kept on chugging, but he took time out for a beading lesson.

The reception brought in professors and friends from across campus, and some from the Regina community, including the Regina Peace Council.